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Calypso Academy

New for the 2023 season, Calypso are launching two Calypso Academies with the aim of growing the provision of high quality coaching for the young players to aid their progression and enjoyment of the game, as well as supporting schools and clubs in the process.

The Calypso Academy is open to all players looking to get their game to the next level, and learn from some of the best coaches in the Maidstone, Medway and Swale area. 

The Academies

Calypso Academy Kit

Copy of Kit poster (3).png


Calypso are offering the chance for thriving cricketers to become a part of the Calypso team. As such, Calypso are offering a subscription plan which provides the opportunity for boys and girls to grow the amount of Cricket they play all year round.

The subscription plan includes:-

1. 15x training sessions split into three 5 week blocks - 1. Jan - Mar,      2. Apr - Jun,      3. Jun - Aug

2. A free Calypso Academy training shirt

3. 25% off Holiday Camps and Calypso Test Matches
4. 2x Free 1-1 sessions. 

The cost of the plan is £200, saving you an estimated £75. For more information, please click the link below:-
         Calypso Academy:                                                         

               Girls Academy:

If you would like to book on, please click the link below:-

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