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School Program + Festival

Calypso Cricket Coaching want to give every child the opportunity to learn to play calypso way. We aim to make our practices assessable for all, therefore we created the primary school initiative and festival.

We have seen how our coaching methods ignite a passion for cricket and importantly an enthusiasm for continued learning.

Our coaches run weekly calypso themed sessions over a 5 week block at a time that fits your school timetable. The tailored sessions equip all players to enter the Calypso Cricket Festival, where they will compete against other schools.

To find out how your primary school can get involved fill out the contact form.

calypso school Services

Calypso offer both primary and secondary school coaching with the aim of making each session enjoyable and beneficial. 

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Primary school coaching

Calypso offer after school sessions at primary schools in and around Maidstone. The aim of every session is to give each child a platform to play cricket in a fun environment with specialist coaching to develop their skills.


Secondary school coaching

Calypso visit secondary schools for sessions both before and after the school day. The before school session allows for students to have a 45 minute session where they look to refine skills in small groups. The after school session is there to allow bigger groups to enjoy cricket and develop key skills that encourages progression for all. 


Get in touch 

If your school is interested please email or fill out a contact form below.

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