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School coaching

Calypso are keen to create partnerships with a variety of schools working on how we can help develop your provision of Cricket. Calypso have three main aims with regards to school coaching:-

  • Calypso have a strong desire to expand the level of access to Cricket for all young cricketers, allowing players the opportunity to experience more sessions and grow their interest in the game. 

  • Calypso want to grow the links between schools, clubs and district to help provide a clear pathway for young cricketers. 

  • Calypso want to bring in their coaching methods and ideas to look to improve all young players games, whether that be an introductory taster session or first-time cricketers, or an excelling young player who wants to get to that next level. 

Calypso can offer three options to your school to help create this aim of growing Cricket in schools. The options are below. If one or more of these are of interest to your school, please fill out the contacts form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

Option 1: Taster Sessions

A Cricket taster session will involve a Calypso coach coming into your school and providing an introduction to Cricket, through a variety of fun, competitive drills that will bring smiles to the students faces.

Option 2: After-School Sessions

Either in the summer months, or during the winter when preseason starts, Calypso can offer the opportunity to have experienced coaches to come into your school and provide the opportunity for groups of young players the chance to develop their game.

Option 3: Small Group Sessions

Selected group coaching provides a great opportunity for the best young players to continue their progression in a more direct and focused coaching environment. Suitable for around 6-10 players, this option will greatly help the development of the players throughout the winter, and then throughout the summer.

Option 4: Staff Development Sessions

Staff development sessions can provide the opportunity for staff to have an insight into the key aspects to look out for when coaching/supervising a Cricket lesson. This will include some introductory technical ideas, as well as some fun games that can keep the students engaged.


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