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Who are we?

Calpyso Cricket Coaching was founded in 2020 in Maidstone, Kent. After a series of successful sessions and camps, we've set out to give players in Maidstone and Kent the opportunity to experience Calypso Cricket. The aim of Calypso is to give aspiring cricketers the chance to primarily learn how to hit the ball hard and long, bowl fast and take some stunning catches.

Calypso Cricket aims to tinker and adapt the traditional idea of coaching cricket, building on the basics to coach the more entertaining aspects of the game, from the flamboyant shots to spinning it round corners.


What is "Calypso Cricket”?

The term "Calypso Cricket" was born in the Caribbean. An adaption of the game, it is played on the beaches, where the focus is fun, flair, expression and hitting/bowling the ball hard. These skills have since transferred into the modern game most notably in the T20 format. Fast paced games, fearless 360 batting, skillful bowling variations, jaw dropping fielding  - these are the things that excite our players, these are the things they want to practice and therefore are the aspects that we want to coach.

What do we offer?

Fun, expression and competition are at the forefront of the sessions for all age groups, using creative drills and ideas in competitive scenarios giving every player the best chance to develop. All of our players learn the fundamentals, but we inspire each player to explore new methods and ideas, without being told exactly how they must do it. "Its not how, its how many" Steve Waugh (Former Australia Capt).

Calypso Cricket offers a pathway for aspiring cricketers, where we aim to improve the player’s skill with an individualised approach to coaching.

All coaches pride themselves on making each session fun while still improving each players game.

The Calypso coaches are ECB Level 2 qualified and are passionate in promoting the fun of the game over the core principles.

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